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Alex Tyrteos, doing business as Farmfield Plantation LLC, is the exclusive representative in the Southeast for Vermont Timber Frames Inc and can advise interested parties on all aspects of timber frame and panel design and construction. Farmfield Plantation LLC can also provide advice and contractual services to clients who wish to design and build a timber frame and panel home themselves, without the use of third-party builder. Under these services, access will be given to a carefully selected list of local subcontractors in the Aiken area who have worked on the model home and are very familiar with the timber frame and panel raising and build-out process.

Vermont Timber Frame Inc (VTF) is based in Vermont and New York and has been creating timber frames for customers throughout the US for over 25 years. It is a vertically integrated company with the capability to provide services from design through manufacturing and installation of timber frames, panels and windows. The seamless connection between the computer-aided design and numerically controlled fabrication functions assures the quality of the final product and a highly responsive turnaround time for customers.

Highly engineering-oriented, VTF follows the precept that “form follows function”, designing each frame to fulfill a specific function. This assures a sound structural skeleton for a building while preserving natural and balanced proportions. To achieve this technological precision, the company uses state-of-the-art cutting machinery, allowing it to service small and large projects alike in a timely manner. For example, the turnaround time, from start of design work to delivery of the timber frames and panels to the construction site for the 6,000 square foot model timber frame and panel home at Farmfield Plantation was 6 weeks, a lead-time that is typically not achievable by most artisan-based timber frame fabricators in the US.




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