Timber Frame and Panel Construction Process

The process followed by VTF to respond to a sales order is as follows:

  1. Initial Inquiry: The local rep, Farmfield Plantation LLC, (FPL) receives the inquiry and works with the client to define the scope of the project, budget and timing.
  2. Preliminary Design: FPL and the client develop a proposed floor plan and elevations with inexpensive drafting assistance.
  3. Timber Frame & Panel Pricing: VTF recasts the preliminary design into a structurally-engineered timber frame and panel concept, allowing a precise price estimation for the timber frame and panel package.
  4. Build-out Pricing: FPL assists the client to develop the cost to build out the project to completion, allowing the client the option to complete the project with FPL’s assistance or simply purchase the VTF package and build it out himself or with his/her regular builder.
  5. Design Agreement: To proceed the client signs a design agreement with VTF which triggers detailed design of the timber frame and panel structure, including construction drawings and raising sequences for both timber frames and panels Any stick-built portion of the design, such as garage, veranda or breezeway, needs to be drafted separately by others.
  6. Sales Agreement: After changes and suggestions proposed by the client, in association with FPL, have been reflected in the drawings, a sales agreement is signed and VTF proceeds to production The client is asked to select wood species and finish and procurement begins in earnest.
  7. Engineering Review: In parallel, VTF seeks detailed engineering review and comment by independent structural engineers to ensure that the project design meets the specific standards of the local building code in relation to such things as wind and earthquake events, soil conditions etc VTF and FPL obtain the sign-off from local planning authorities to facilitate a building permit being issued.
  8. Production: At VTF’s facilities, numerically-controlled cutting machines fabricate the timber frames, incorporating the mortice-and-tenon joints that will secure the structure. The SIP panels are similarly fabricated on VTF’s presses, incorporating cut-outs for door and window openings with great precision.
  9. Delivery: The timber frame and panel components are carefully shrink-wrapped and loaded onto tri-axle trucks for economic shipment by road to the project site.
  10. Raising: VTF is unique in offering the services of its erection crew to raise the timber frame and panel structure on the foundations previously prepared by the client in association with FPL. VTF’s crew is armed with a crane and specialized lifting equipment, allowing timely completion of a weather-tight structure, typically requiring around one week. Alternatively, the client can opt to have his/her own builder raise the structure using the detailed raising sequence instructions and Overseen by one VTF supervisor.
  11. Build-Out: Once weather-tight, the timber frame and panel building is ready for build-out, including the framing of interior partition walls, and the roughing in of plumbing, electrical and heat-and-air systems This can be undertaken either in association with FPL or by the client’s own builder or the client himself/herself. Typically, this phase should take around 3 months, considerably shorter than the classic stick-build project cycle.



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