Timber Frame and Panel Construction

Alex Tyrteos is an established residential builder, with over ten years’ design and construction experience, formerly in Greenwich Ct and currently in Aiken SC. He is particularly committed to sustainable or “green” building in view of the important impact of construction on our environment. Building a “green” home encompasses the efficient use of resources, creating a longer-lasting, healthier structure and generating both short- and long-term cost savings.

For the past three years. Alex Tyrteos has specialized in timber frame and panel construction and is the exclusive Southeast representative and authorized builder for Vermont Timber Fames Inc. Alex has built a 6,000 square foot timber frame and panel model home at Farmfield Plantation, available for viewing by appointment. He has also developed detailed designs for the “Aiken Hunt Box”, with options ranging from 1,800 square feet and two bedrooms to 2,500 square feet and three bedrooms, tailored to the needs and budgets of the homeowner.




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