Timber Frame and Panel Model Home

Alex Tyrteos, the principal of Farmfield Plantation LLC, has constructed a 6,000 square foot model home at Farmfield Plantation in Aiken, which is featured on this web site and available for viewing by appointment. The home is a stone and clapboard farmhouse in the low country plantation style, modeled on those seen in South Carolina’s indigo and rice plantations of the 1700’s.

The timber frame species is Douglas Fir with SIP panels providing the enclosure for both exterior walls and roof. The customized interior trim is made entirely from local long-leaf pine (known as “heart pine”) and milled less than 30 miles from the project site. The exterior of the house is wrapped with Hardie siding and the roof is a cold roof of standing seam 14 gauge metal. Wraparound verandas add looks and amenity to the house while reducing direct sunlight and enhancing thermal efficiency. Due to the house’s exceptional insulation, heating and cooling is water-sourced, using proven geothermal technology requiring a fraction of the energy to run compared to conventional HVAC systems.

The unique features of the model timber frame and panel farmhouse at Farmfield Plantation are:

  • Rugged construction, incorporating shear walls, anchored to the foundation by steel hurricane ties, assuring lateral resistance to winds up to 140 mph

  • Minimal carbon footprint due to avoidance of energy-intensive milled products (studs) and the waste factor associated with offcuts

  • Compressed construction time, with an initial dry-in cycle of 10 days to raise the structure and make it weather tight

  • Exceptional thermal efficiency due to the insulating enclosure provided by the use of SIPS as wall and roof panels

  • Spacious and light-filled interior amenity provided by 30 foot cathedral ceilings in the Great Room and the Foyer due to the exceptional spanning strength of timber frame

  • Lower net unit construction cost compared to conventional stick built methods


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