Southeast Discovery

As principal of Farmfield Plantation LLC and realtor with the Carolina Company, Alex Tyrteos also has an association as preferred Aiken MLS agent for Southeast Discovery, one of the nation’s leading relocation advisors. The latter’s strengths include:

  • Research-based advice on southeast communities targeted by retiring baby boomers and other active lifestyle candidates.

  • Nationwide list of relocation candidates that subscribe to Southeast Discovery’s search product.

  • Interactive web site with constantly updated editorials on new and existing southeast communities of relevance to relocating home buyers.

  • Relationship-based referrals of clients to approved realtors in the southeast.

The Southeast Discovery web site serves as a delivery tool for disseminating information on cities and areas of interest in the Southeast, helping prospective buyers nationwide to assess “what life might feel like” living there in terms of real estate prices, shopping, dining, entertainment, outdoor activities, natural amenities, medical care, sporting events, continuing education and airport accessibility. Another key feature of the site is candid, first-hand information on real estate developments located in the Southeast, focusing in on the hard issues such as whether or not the development amenities are complete and whether or not the development is as advertised in the marketing material. To complement this, the site also has a blog that covers such topics as building costs, how they vary in different parts of the Southeast, what buyers today are looking for in a home and other market trends.

The accurate information resources provided by the Southeast Discovery site attract considerable traffic from prospective relocation or second home buyers of real estate in the Southeast. Many of these inquiries convert into real estate leads, which are referred out to approved brokers in each locale, ensuring that the site’s clientele is competently served. In the Aiken area, Alex Tyrteos is an approved broker and can serve as a resource for Southeast Discovery clients provided a formal referral is made by the principals of the Southeast Discovery site, namely Schaffer Realty Group.


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